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Англійська мова. Проекти
  1. Hi, everybody!
  2. Hello, friends! How are you?
  3. Not bad, thanks!
  1. How are you at school?
  2. We had wonderful project in our class.
  3. What about it?
  1. I worked about project “Fashion of the Future “

“Fashion of the Future “

·        Fashion won't change much in the future.

·        But people will use smart materials to design their clothes.

·        The clothes will have some useful functions.

·        Some parts of clothes will have soft electronic screens.

·        The others will have special buttons.

·         People will heat or clean their clothes automatically.

  1. Yes, I remember! I prepared project about “Boys’ Fashion”

“Boys’ Fashion”

  • Boys will wear trousers and blazers of dark blue colour when they go to school.
  • The pockets on the blazers will be their computers!
  • When they go to the parties, they will wear white shirts with silver stripes on the sleeves and dark grey trousers.
  1. And I – about “Girls’ Fashion”.

“Girls’ Fashion”

  • Clothes for girls will be very bright.
  • When at school, the girls will wear light-grey blouses, glowing jackets and golden skirts or trousers.
  • When they go to the parties, they will wear long silver dresses and silver shoes.
  • They will also wear small brilliant stars on their heads.
  1. Hello everybody!
  2. Hi! How are you?
  3. Fine, thank you!
  1. We had interesting project with our teacher .
  2. What about it?
  3. Our project is “My family” Let’s, see!

“My Family”

I have a family. There are four members  in my family. I was born in Ukraine. My dad is Ukrainian and my mum too.

I have got a brother. His name is Nazar. He is younger than me. He is in the second form. I help him with his homework sometimes. We often play computer games together.

But I like work on my computer alone. I think this is my hobby. And I want to be a web designer in the future.

  1. And I told about my best friend. Let’s listen!

My Best Friend

Andriy  is my friend. He is ten. He is clever and hard-working.  He gets up at quarter to six every morning and trains in the gym before classes. He wants to be an Olympic winner. He says, “I really enjoy it, and I want to be famous” He has already participated in school competitions.

He is very helpful. I can always ask him for advice when I need.

It’s so important to have a good friend!

  1. Now listen to me.  I had project “My Holidays in Yalta“

“My Holidays in Yalta“

I had fantastic holidays in Yalta last summer. We stayed in a lovely hotel. The weather was nice. The air was fresh and the sea was warm.

We swam every day. We  built sandcastles, fed the seagulls and collected shells and stones.

We went on excursions and I bought some souvenirs.  I’ve got some for you!


  1. Hello!
  2. Hi! How are you?
  1. Good, thanks!
  2. How are you at school?
  1. We had a fine project in our classroom. We cooked.
  2. We had this project too!
  1. What about it?
  2. My project was “Healthy Meal” Listen, please!

“Healthy Meal”

Have you ever wondered why your parents tell you to have breakfast in the morning? Your brain and your muscles need energy, and going to school without breakfast is like trying to fly a kite without any wind.

So breakfast is important because it provides you with fuel to start your day. It doesn’t matter what you eat. The most important thing is that you get the nutrients.

For example, the orange juice gives you the necessary energy.

Eggs and cheese give you energy all the morning and milk and other dairy products, provide protein, fat, mineral and vitamins.

  1. My project called “How to Prepare a Perfect Ham Sandwich “   . Listen, please.

How to Prepare a Perfect Ham Sandwich


  • two (2) slices of your favourite bread;
  • mustard;
  • mayonnaise;
  • one (1) or two (2) slices of your favourite cheese;
  • tomatoes;
  • lettuce;
  • two (2) slices of ham;
  • chips;
  • a drink of your choice


1.  Take two slices of your favourite bread.

2.  Put mustard on the bottom slice of bread, and mayonnaise on the top slice.

3.  Choose your cheese for the sandwich. Put some cheese on the bread.

4.  Put one or two slices of tomatoes on top of cheese.

5.  Put a few leaves of lettuce on top of the tomatoes.

6. Lay two slices of thin ham on top of the lettuce. Gently fold the ham in half and lay them next to each other.

7.  Lay the slice of bread with mustard on top of the sandwich.

8.  Serve the sandwich on a medium sized plate. Serve with chips and a drink of your choice.

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