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Lesson 24 10-A form Date 04.11 Osolodkova O.M.
Тема: Підсумковий урок з теми №2 «Освіта. Професії»
Тип: Урок узагальнення та систематизації.
комунікативна компетенція:
мовленнєві функції: висловлювати власні враження, почуття та емоції у зв’язку з почутим, побаченим та прочитаним
лінгвістична компетенція: лексична: професії; граматична: порядок слів, Past Simple, Present Perfect; фонетична: наголос та інтонація.
мовленнєва компетенція: читання, говоріння, аудіювання, письмо;
соціокультурна компетенція: знання про соціокультурне розмаїття;
загальнонавчальна компетенція: вміння за ситуацією вживати досвід та набуті мовні та мовленнєві навички.
Обладнання: Cards for pupils; a computer, a PowerPoint presentation; blackboard with the phrases : “Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.” Margaret Mead. “Every man is an architect of his own fortune.” Appius Claudius; cards with the professions.

Хід уроку

I. Підготовка до сприйняття іншомовного матеріалу
1. Greeting
Good morning! I am glad to see you. Take your seats, please. How are you?
2. Aim
Today we are going to sum up your knowledge on the topic education and professions.
3. Warming up
1. Do you agree that … Children must be taught how to think, not what to think.
2. Warming up (vocabulary). You have got pictures with the professions on your desks. Describe the profession, but don’t tell us its name. We’ll try to guess it.
4. Check on homework.
For today you have written your resume. So, pass me your copybooks with the homework at the end of the lesson.

II. Основна частина
1. Your Language Portfolio: Listening
Today you will make your language portfolio on the topic. Use the workbooks at your desks. Look through Card 1 for listening comprehension. Listen and complete the form.

Knowledge of English
The reason of applying

Tapescript (Unit 2. Check Your Skills, p. 34)
Dear Ms. Wright.
I am writing in response to your advertisement for young people to work at your summer camps this summer.
I'm 16 at the moment but will be 17 on 6 June. As for my knowledge of English. I have no problem communicating with the English-speaking visitors. A major reason why I am applying for the summer job is to be in an English-speaking environment for the summer.
As for sport. I play handball in the school team. In fact, this is one of the things I like best about school. I'm not very good at sitting in a classroom for long, so I like to get out for training sessions
I'm afraid I have no experience in organizing games, but I'm the Secretary of the school's drama group and I was recently in charge of organizing a performance for parents
I have some experience in working with young people. I often baby-sit my neighbors’ three children (aged 7, 9 and 11). I find it great fun; they are so open and direct at that age I would very much appreciate the chance to work at one of your camps this summer It would give me further experience in organizing and hopefully improve my English - and it sounds fun.
Yours sincerely, Iryna Fedirko

Let’s check the answers. Change the cards with the classmates. The keys are at the board.
The keys:
For the each right answer, you get 0.5. So, your total mark for the first task is 4. What are your results?
Your Language Portfolio: Reading
Now we continue to make your language portfolio. Find Card 2 for reading comprehension.
Complete the text choosing the words from the box.
staff, experience, profession, requires, application, apply, well-paid, salary, graduated, fluently, Master’s degree, offers, Bachelor’s degree

My cousin Liza is an interpreter. She gets a good (1)__________ . Liza speaks English and French (2) ___________ . She studied at the university and travelled a lot. It helped her to improve her language skills, learn more about culture and traditions. Liza has an (3) ____________ at working as an interpreter for seven years.
My older brother Denis is a manager. His job is (4) _____________. Although it is sometimes
difficult to get in touch with him during the day, but his (5) ___________ is very interesting.
First he (6) _____________ train a university where he got (7) ______________ in economics. Denis' work (8) ______________ a lot of teamwork. I know he is quite successful. I'm proud of him.
As for me, I am a secretary at a textile factory. We receive many letters of (9) _____________, because our factory (10) ___________ good work conditions. Next year l am going to get a (11) ________________in psychology and to (12) ________________, for a position of a personnel manager. I know the director needs a person who can help to work with the (13) ___________.
Let’s read your answers in chain one by one.
The keys of the task: 1 salary, 2 fluently, 3 experience, 4 well-paid, 5 profession, 6 graduated, 7 Bachelor’s degree, 8 requires, 9 application, 10 offers, 11 Master’s degree, 12 apply, 13 staff.
For the each right done sentence you get 0.25. So, the total mark for the second task is 3. Put the marks for yourselves.

4. Physical warming up.
Now we’ll have some rest.
I suggest you to show a profession without words. The other pupils try to guess it.
Great job! Well done! Thank you! Take your sits!

5. Your Language Portfolio: Writing
The next stage of our lesson is writing. You will practice Grammar.
a) Complete the dialogues with the Past Simple or the Present Perfect.
Ann: How long (1)_____________________ at university? (you/be)

Ben: I (2) _______________ two years ago. I'm in my third year now. (start)
Ann: Do you live with your parents?
Ben: I (3) ______________ with them for the first two years but I ___________ into a student hostel last September and I _______________there since then. (live, move, live)
Alice: ______________ a job yet? (your brother/find)
Dan: Yes, he _____________ work in a hotel. (just/start)

Let’s check. The keys are at the screen. And now let’s dramatize the dialogue.
1. Have you been 2. Started 3. Lived, moved, have lived 4. Has your brother found 5. Has just started.
You get 0.5 for every right done task. So, your total mark for this task is two.
b) In 5 minutes write as many jobs as you can.
You get 1 for more than 10 professions. So, your total mark for the task is one.

6. Your Language Portfolio: Speaking
Now we complete making your language portfolio. The last stage of our work is speaking. Make up the dialogues about your future profession or job; you can also speak about you first working day or something like that.
For the dialogue the total mark is 3. I’ll help you to put it. Put the marks for you. I will check your portfolios and put the mark, too.

7. Self-assessment.
Card 5.
Think of your records. Tick how well you know it.
4 =excellent , 3 = good, 2 = not bad, 1 = need to improve.

Today’s lesson helps me to 4 3 2 1
Reading • read and understand the job advertisements □ □ □ □
Speaking • talk about different jobs □ □ □ □
Listening • listen and understand the job requirements □ □ □ □
Writing • use the Present Perfect, Present Perfect Continuous □ □ □ □
So, let’s summarize your language portfolio. For today’s lesson your mark is … Pass me your portfolios and copybooks with the homework.
Заключна частина.
T: Our lesson will be over soon. Let’s sum up our lesson.
Tell me, please: What jobs are interesting for you? What jobs are useful?
Home assignment
Your home assignment for the next lesson is revising lexical and grammar material on the topic “Professions”.
Saying goodbye
Our lesson is over. You may be free! Good-bye!

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