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Робінзон Крузо. Як вижити?

The subject of the lesson:
Robinson Crusoe. How to survive?
 Vocabulary: discover the meaning of words in context;
 Listening: listen for specific details;
 Reading: read and understand the main idea;
 Speaking: ask and answer questions about being shipwrecked on a desert island;
 To form the pupil’s culture of communication;
 To develop the ability to work independently, in groups;
---to broaden students’ outlook in literature and personal features.
Equipment: cards, pictures, “Family and friends” text-book, “Family and friends” CD, a tape-recorder, a blackboard.
1. Introduction
1) What day is it? It’s Thursday. It is a happy day. We have an English lesson. Hip-hop! Hooray! Hooray!
2) Who is on duty? Who is absent? What was your hometask for today?
3) Pronunciation: sound <R> “Roberta ran rings around the Roman ruins”
4) Singing a song “Shipwrecks”.
2. Warming-up
What does the word “shipwreck" mean? What famous shipwrecks do you know? What happened to it?
(Ps name the shipwrecks according to the pictures on the blackboard).
Teacher shows the picture of Robinson Crusoe. Who is in this picture? What do you know about him? (He survived in the shipwreck. He lived alone on an island. The novel about him was written by Daniel Defoe).
The theme of the lesson: today we’ll read a short passage from the novel and discuss it. By the end of the lesson we’ll learn how did the Robinson survive and what should we do to survive being shipwrecked on a desert island. You have your self-evaluation cards and you should put 1 point for each correct answer.
3.Vocabulary work.
1) Match the word to the picture (storm, survivor, supplies, shelter, sails, fence, cut down, wall), read and translate.
2) Make the word combinations with the given words: terrible, the only, useful, to build, ship’s, strong, trees, stone (terrible storm, the only survivor, useful supplies, to build a shelter, ship’s sails, strong fence, cut down trees, stone wall).
3) complete the sentence ex.1 p. 89 (check).
You’ve learnt the words well, so let’s continue.
4. Watching the fragment from the film:
1) pre-watching: Why this story is so famous all over the world? (individual task).
2)while-watching: What happened to Crusoe’s ship?
3)post- watching: How many people survived? How did he feel? (sad, unhappy).What did he want? (to survive).
5. Reading We are going to read a short passage from the novel.
1) pre-reading: Who is the man in the picture? Where is he? What has he made?
2)while-reading: How many people survived in this shipwreck?
3)post- reading: answer the questions (How does Robinson Crusoe feel when he realizes he is alone on an island? Where does he make his home? What does he use to make it?)
6. The discussion of the text: read again and answer the questions. (questions from the ex. 3 p. 88).
7. Writing Find and write the answers to the given questions:
1)What does he see from the top of the hill that he climbs?
2) Is Crusoe pleased with his tent?
3)What does he call the cave at the back of his tent?
4)What does he worry about the next day?
5) What does he use to build his fence? Read your answers.
8. Speaking
1) What do we learn about Robinson Crusoe?(He survived after shipwreck and lived for a long time alone on an island). What adjectives could we use to describe him?(brave, courageous, hard-working, patient, optimistic). How would you feel if you shipwrecked on a desert island?(frightened, lonely, brave). What would you do to survive?
Group-work: (each group should answer the given question and present the answers to the class). If you were shipwrecked on a desert island
What would you do first?
What would you eat?
What would you use to make a shelter?
9. Summary
What novel did we speak about during the lesson? What do we learn from this novel?( Robinson Crusoe survived after shipwreck and lived for a long time alone on an island). What conclusion can we make from this story? (everybody can survive if he is brave, hard-working, optimistic).
10. Hometask
Write 6 true/false sentences to the text and retell this story in 10-12 sentences.
11. Teacher takes evaluation forms to check

the only
to build
a shelter
cut down



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