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The Food We Eat

The  Food  We  Eat.  6-th Form.

Objectives:  to develop pupils’  reading, speaking  and writing  skills on the  topic, to  develop    creative thinking, to  enrich pupils’ knowledge  on  the topic.

Equipment: handouts, pictures, a video, the textbook by Karpiuk  6-th form.


  1. Introduction

T: Good morning, children!  I’m  happy  to greet  you  at  our lesson. Today  we  are  going to talk  about   food. The  topic of the  lesson is “ The Food  We  Eat”. We’ll  learn some new words, talk about  food, watch  a video  about  British food, read about  eating habits.

  1. Warming- up

T: Don’t  you  know , pupils, what our mood depends on

P1 : It  depends on  weather

P2:  On  our parents

P3: On  our school  marks

P4: On  our  meals

T:  Of  course, you  are  right. Our mood depends  on our  meals. So, let’s see what  food you like and  what  food you  hate. Look  at  the  pictures and  say “ I like  apples. I  don’t  like cherries” (Ps’ answers)

  1. Checking up  home task ( WB, ex.2,3 p.47)
  2. The main part of the  lesson.

Read the list of food and cross the odd  ones:

1.tea, coffee, milk, ice-cream, juice.

2. tomatoes, onions, nuts, garlic, carrots.

3. steak,  biscuits, bacon, roast chicken, sausages.

4.chocolate cakes, apple pies, fruit salad, sweets, chips.

                 T: Boys and girls: “ Is all food good for  our health? Read the  list of  words and  complete the  table ( Pupils work  in pairs).  Let’s check. Pupils are

reading the  lists of healthy and unhealthy food.

                     Healthy  and  Unhealthy   Food

cucumbers    hot dogs   chips   biscuits   pizza          apples   Cola            coffee

fish   cheese    pears   lemonade   salad   chocolate   cake    ice-cream

  1. Speaking

And  now  we will have  a look into the fridge of a British  family. Try  to  remember and say what  there is in the fridge. Use the  structures: there is\ there are ( Pupils watch the  film)

(Pupils’ answers)

Let’s see what  there is  in your fridges. Ask each other  questions:

Is there any…..  in your  fridge?

Are there  any …. In  your fridge?

  1. Reading ( Ex.4 p.96)

(3-4 pupils are reading the text)

  1. Post- reading  activity (work  with  cards) Pupils get cards, fill in them and read the results




1)doesn’t  eat   meat  and  fish




2) drinks milk for  breakfast




3)eats a lot of cheese




4)eats  lot of sandwiches ,pasta and bread




5)eats meat or  fish with  vegetables in the evening




6)doesn’t  eat  cakes




7) eats green and vegetables




8) eats chocolate before going in  for sports




9) doesn’t  eat much bread




7) Writing (ex 6p.97)

8) Summary: T:At the beginning of the lesson we planned to do many tasks. Have we managed to do them? If you liked our lesson, stick a red hand on the blackboard, if you didn’t like – stick a blue hand

Homework Ex 3p 49(WB)

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